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Welcome to the Truth Mending website.  This is a site much like or except we are not tackling urban legends. We are seeking absolute truth telling with as many facts as we can find to tell the stories.

This site will include topics on religion, politics, and history. We will present the science and statistics behind the subjects we approach. Some times the facts may bring us to a new awareness and sometimes the facts may fly in the face of the old stories we have been told since we were born. We will attempt to prevent facts and uncover the entire truth to the best of our ability to present them.

For most of us raised in the U.S. we grew up in a culture teaching us that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and many more cultural icons were real. As we grew older we learned that these characters were fictional. They were great characters to entertain us when we were young, but they were just old stories to have fun with.

We contend here that those were not the only fictional tales we were told as youngsters. Many of us have been taught from history books designed to tell the stories as some people wanted us to believe them, but they were far from the truth as it actually happened.

We contend that politics is a dirty sport, but if a curious mind is diligent and does it’s own research about various issues, an independent thinker can arrive at a truth beyond what we get fed to us through media or all sorts.

This is not a place for people who simply want re-enforcement of their belief structure or are simply looking to prove they are right about everything.  But if you are willing to occasionally change your mind about what is right or wrong you may find a place of interest here. It is a place for people who want an open conversation about truth without the spin.

So check your bias at the door. Sign up to become part of the conversation. Start by taking our survey so that we can all get to know one another.

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